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Stephanie Long

MSc in Family Medicine – Medical Education Concentration

Program: MSc in Family Medicine
Department of Family Medicine
School of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
McGill University

Thesis title: Exploring the perceived credibility of assessment in medical education: A scoping review
Thesis Advisory Committee: Meredith Young (Supervisor), Charo Rodriguez (Co-Supervisor)

Short biography
After completing her MSc with Dr. Meredith Young and Dr. Charo Rodriguez and, Stephanie went on to pursue a PhD in the Department of Family Medicine with Dr. Tibor Schuster and Dr. Bertrand Lebouché. Her research interests are centred around more quantitative research approaches and she has a growing interest in using machine learning in her work. Stephanie’s PhD thesis is focused on developing frameworks for novel clinical trial designs in the context of HIV. After her PhD, Stephanie aspires to be a researcher at the intersection of healthcare and machine learning.