MSc in Family Medicine, Medical Education Concentration


The Medical Education Concentration of the McGill MSc in Family Medicine is a graduate program focusing on educating future scholars in research on family medicine education. Created in the academic year 2014-2015, Dr. Rodríguez has been the founding Director of both the concentration and the FMER.

The program includes teaching and learning in research methodologies while emphasizing training in educational theories and topics, with particular attention to health professions education. The thesis must concern an educational issue related to the Family Medicine medical discipline, either at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or continuing professional development levels.


MSc in Family Medicine, Medical Education Concentration

Medical Education Concentration - At A Glance
Current Graduate Students
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The Program at a Glance


The total number of credits is 45

Thesis Courses (24 credits)
Thesis subject must be related to family medicine education.
FMED 697 Master’s Thesis Research (12 cr.)
FMED 698 Master’s Thesis Research (12 cr.)

Required Courses (12 credits)
EDPE 637 Issues in Health Professions Education (3 cr.)
FMED 505 Epidemiology and Data Analysis in Primary Care 1 (3 cr.)
FMED 610 Foundations of Family Medicine (1 cr.)
FMED 614 Foundations of Mixed Methods Research (2 cr.)
FMED 625 Qualitative Health Research (3 cr.)

Complementary courses (9 credits)
3 credits from the following:
FMED 509 Epidemiology and Data Analysis in Primary Care 2 (3 cr.)
FMED 603 Foundations of Participatory Research (1 cr.)
FMED 606 Operational Issues in Survey Methods in Primary Care (1 cr.)
FMED 615 Applied Knowledge Translation and Exchange in Health (1 cr.)
FMED 616 Applied Literature Reviews (1 cr.)
6 credits from the following:
EDEC 612 Digital Media and Learning (3 cr.)
EDEM 644 Curriculum Development and Implementation (3 cr.)
EDEM 673 Leadership Theory in Education (3 cr.)
EDPE 635 Theories of Learning and Instruction (3 cr.)
EDPE 664 Expertise, Reasoning and Problem Solving (3 cr.)
EDPE 670 Educational Assessment and Evaluation (3 cr.)

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Current Graduate Students

Dr. Ahd Samman Dr. Sima Zahedi Raymond Tolentino


Our Alumni

Amrita Sandhu

Anish Arora

Dr. Sara Asfour

Dr. Anafa Gamliel

Dr. Farid Ibrahim

Stephanie Long

Dr. David Felipe Ortiz-Paredes

Dr. Sara Turcotte


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